Jul. 19th, 2007

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... I'll be moving back to Columbia.

Since I will be working for the same company, I just needed to talk to the people at that particular store. They told me what they were looking for and I told them what I was looking for, etc. It wasn't really a formal interview, but they could have still declined the transfer request.

How soon?

Well, as soon as next weekend. They want me to start on the 28th, but the problem right now is that my current store doesn't know. Well, they know that I wish to transfer, but they don't know the current situation. I tried calling my boss, but he has had his cell phone turned off. I guess it's better that I tell him face-to-face rather than over the phone.

I did look at a few apartments while I was there. Some were okay, but others were out of my price range. Now, I do have a place to stay, but not a place to live. I'll be staying with a friend once I get up there for about a week or so and then move into a place of my own.

My friend Mark and his family are always accommodating, but they have 3 kids so I really don't want to stay there too long and become a burden or as I put it "their 4th kid."

I did get some time to socialize while I was there which was fun. I honestly didn't think I would have time to, but I did get to hang with some friends. Dinner and lunch meetings mostly, but still good. Told a few people that I was going to be moving back. Excitement abounds!

Other highlights of the trip:

1. I got to see Harry Potter in between looking at apartments. Just needed a little time to get out of the hot sun. The movie rawked.
2. Saw Transformers with Mark the night before I left. The movie suddenly became cheesy to me after a second viewing.
3. My iPod is dying. I had to listen to the radio on the return trip. Not fun. It was acting funny on the way there and it finally gave the "sad" iPod icon which pretty much means it's gotta go to service. However, I did a restore this morning and so far so good.

Anyways, my time on the net will now be limited. I'll be packing up stuff between now and next Wednesday or Thursday. I go up to start on the 28th and after a week or two, I come back to get the rest of my stuff (furniture, etc).

I'll try to post when I can.


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