Oct. 17th, 2007

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Well, I just set everything to where the domain I've owned for several years will expire on 2/26/2008. I used to run a Tenchi fan site, but if you go to it now, you'll see that it's been over 2 years since I updated it and I only kept the domain around for e-mail.

Well, I really don't want to spend the $15 a month just for that when my ISP gives me 5 e-mail adresses for free.

I notified my host that I will be cancelling my account and the site will be disappearing within the next week. I just never had the time to update it, plus I kinda lost interest in running a fan site awhile ago.

So, shed a tear for tenchifan.com as it will disappear soon.

This means that my primary e-mail address will change. I will only give it out to certain people as I don't want my mailboxes filled up with spam. If you want it, look for me on MSN messenger (ranma_s50@hotmail.com) or AIM (TenchiFanLA) and I'll give it to you.

Going to do the Rocky Horror Picture Show one more time. I keep telling myself that I won't do it anymore, but people close to me know that I'm not serious about "retiring" from it. Just not as fun for me anymore.


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