Apr. 4th, 2007

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Why is today (and even yesterday) just getting me irritable?

I had to work on my mom's computer yesterday (replace hard drive, etc.) and she just kept nagging me over and over again. Wouldn't listen to a word I said or anything.

Then my inconsiderate brother decides to eat some soup that I was going to have as my dinner. He did by another can, but it gets better. They decide to go get some fast food. I give them some cash and tell them what I want. An hour later, I'm wondering where my food is, so I ask. Not here yet.

20 minutes later, I go to the kitchen and everyone is just about finished eating the food. No one bothered to come tell me the food was here. Mine was cold and not good.

I was just so cranky yesterday.

Today, I'm still that way. I get to work, no computers to work on. Nothing to do. I'm bored off my ass. I get one phone call from a woman who brought her computer in 5 days ago and wonders why the service center just got it this morning. Um, you brought it in on a Friday honey. UPS doesn't ship on weekends, so the service center getting it today is normal. She finds it unacceptable and DEMANDS that I tell the service center to fix it ahead of everyone else.

I laugh and tell her no.

Geez. I just had a vacation and feel I could use another one already.

I think I may take a weekend off or something.


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