Apr. 13th, 2007

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Well, if you read [livejournal.com profile] dadaginny's LJ, you read that she's coming down here for a few days.

What can someone do in Louisiana? Well...

1. Contraband Days in Lake Charles, LA. It's about a 3 hour drive, but she wants to do it. We may make a pit stop in Welsh for some good food too.

2. New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. I had a spare ticket anyways. She wants to see Harry Connick, Jr. so we're gonna go her last night here. Steely Dan is gonna perform before him and "My Old School" is my favorite song.

3. Magnolia Mound. A plantation home not too far from where I live. One of the few that's owned by the city and not private. The private ones don't let you venture too far in and you can't see much.

4. Avery Island, LA. What's so special about Avery Island? Well, it's where Tobasco is made. Yes, the hot and spicy sauce is made not too far from where I live. A tour is planned.

There's other stuff we're gonna try and squeeze in, but there's some neat things I think she should see and I know there's things she wants to do. I'm also gonna see if my mom can cook for her as well.

Oh, and I'm gonna send back some Community Coffee back with her. It's the best sold coffee around here and it's "local."



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